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PB tech – The NZ company that enables tomorrow’s innovators

In this day and age, one of the most important steps towards becoming an innovative citizen is by having access to large amounts of information. Today, the smartest way to do that is through technology. In New Zealand, the prime contributor and provider of technology to people of all ages is PB Tech.

Access to technology is essential for innovation, as it helps to bridge the gap between creativity and productivity. With technological advancements such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, it’s becoming increasingly easy to create and develop new solutions to existing problems. Innovation is also an important part of any economy, as it helps spur economic growth and can open up job opportunities for people who are interested in the field. This will not only give people the chance to become innovative, but also provide a level of economic security that would otherwise be unavailable.

How PB tech NZ is helping the next gen innovators

PB Tech was founded in New Zealand in 1993, and started as a small company that bulk bought tech pieces for other local companies. Today, they are one of the largest NZ tech providers, with several stores across the country and over 600 members of staff. The founders, Pat Huo and Brenda Yu, are even featured on the NBR List of New Zealand’s top Wealth Creators.

The company provides consumers, businesses, and government agencies with access to the latest equipment, software, and support services. They are committed to helping customers find the best value for their money by providing customers with a wide range of products, from gaming consoles to smart home devices and components for building custom PCs. PB Tech also offers a variety of services such as repairs, warranty claims, installation, and recycling. For businesses, PB Tech provides tailored solutions such as managed services and cloud-based storage.

How many stores does PB Tech have? PB tech Hornby, and more.

Over the years, PB Tech has built their IT empire not just in one or two cities. As of 2023, the company has 18 physical stores listed on their webpage. The majority of their stores are located in Auckland, including a store at the Auckland Airport for easy access to tech while travelling as well as at home. Some of their stores:

  • PB tech hamilton NZ
  • PB tech hornby
  • PB tech tauranga
  • PB tech glenfield
  • PB tech queen street

Apart from their physical stores, PB Tech also features an impressive websites, through which customers can receive immediate help, support, as well as research and order items.

Building a better world together

Access to technology is essential for innovation, especially amongst younger generations. It helps bridge the gap between creativity and productivity, allowing young people to explore new possibilities while also giving them the tools they need to turn their ideas into reality. By providing access to technology, we are helping to ensure that our future will be filled with even greater possibilities. Not only could this lead to improved economic growth, but it could also help usher in a new era of creativity and problem-solving amongst younger generations. Technology provides us with an opportunity to make the world we live in today even better than before.